I am a senior at Emory University majoring in Quantitative Science and Economics. I am currently involved in research estimating the empirical effects of unconditional cash transfers to Syrian refugees in Lebanon.

I have been playing sports my entire life, specifically tennis. Here at Emory I have been on the varsity men's tennis team for all my years including two as a captain. I am a two-time national champion and will be competing for our third this year.

Recently, I came to the conclusion that I have a passion for Data Science and Analytics. I am currently learning multiple programming languages that will allow me to achieve better results that are simple to interpret.

I am currently actively looking for employment.

Work Experience


As a double major in QSS and Economics I have been able to take many classes that provided me with relevant information that will be applicable in the future. Below is a list of my relevant courses.

Data & Decision Analytics

Analyzed multiple case-studies regarding real problems for multiple companies. Utilized excel to manipulate data and create graphics that presented my group and I's findings.


Learned how to use regression analysis to find the correlation between variables in simple regression models as well as multi-variable models and logistic models. Used R Programming to create and interpret the coefficients in multiple models.

Data Science Computing

Learned how to use many different programming languages such as: Python, BASH, as well as cloud computing.

Network Analysis

Learned how to analyze network data using different methods such as: centrality analysis, clustering analysis, positional analysis, and many more.

Probability and Statistics

Covered the structure of probabilistic theory learning probability distributions such as normal, chi-square, binomial, and poisson for both discrete and continuous random variables.

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